Safety is our top priority. We also believe that success is achievable through education and the practice of good habits. We monitor the operational force, setup mitigation plans, and create a comprehensive workplace safety program that lives up to the following:

  • Human – To minimise workplace accidents and eventually achieve zero
  • Training – To practice induction, discussion, and closure in the working environment
  • Risk Management – To document Standard Operational Procedures that are ISO-verified
  • Leadership –To be critical in contributing to changes that will minimise risks
  • Culture –To always emphasise and instill the importance of work safety for all our employees in the training programmes
  • Teamwork-To assess team members’ technical ability, cooperation capability, and positivity.


For us, the execution of forming a winning team is through induction, socialization of organizational structure, reporting, and work safety programs. 

We also regularly ensure that all employees can attend training and certification programs to guarantee consistency and continually enhance team capability.


Integrity has brought PATRA to be where it is today; the most established local investment company with international service standards. 

The above can only happen because Patra’s team members contribute to living the company’s core values.

We maintain good corporate governance and business ethics with Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independence, and Fairness.